Chiropractic Care For Headaches

While it is not uncommon to have headaches every so often, frequent headaches can be a result of an underlying issue. The most common causes of headaches are from physical trauma, emotional stress or chemical reactions (like prescription drugs or heavy drinking). With a quick visit to Moeckel Chiropractic Physicians, we can help pinpoint and begin a plan to relieve pain due to frequent headaches.


Many patients are often shocked to find out that their headaches are caused from issues in the lower back or general spinal region. With regular adjustments, many patients find that they have less headaches or reduced pain from headaches over time. A completed chiropractic exam will identify areas of vertebral subluxuation complexes, which can be the root of all of your headaches. By addressing these issue areas with chiropractic care, patients can then take a natural approach to headache relief.


While every issue is different for everyone, we can do our best to find and repair your headache pains with regular adjustments. Give us a call at (573) 547-6591 and let us help you find a solution!