Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care

While many do not connect chiropractic care with pregnancy, there are actually many benefits as there are multiple stages of pregnancy that require a properly working nervous system.



Regular chiropractic care can help the body to remain strong and balanced to carry a pregnancy.



Regular chiropractic care during a pregnancy is ideal for future mothers looking for natural health care.


Labor and Birth

Regular chiropractic care prior to labor and birth helps the body’s biomechanics in the hips and spine, which offers the potential of reducing birthing intervention.


After Birth

Chiropractic care can be beneficial for both baby and mother after birth(ing). Gentle chiropractic care can help alleviate breastfeeding problems and infant subluxations, which causes discomfort for babies.


Is Chiropractic Care Safe?

Chiropractic care is gentle and safe, their is no harm to either mother or baby. All adjustments and chiropractic care are catered to the patient, so care for a grown muscular man would not be the same for a pregnant mother or baby. Keep in mind that many health issues that come up later in life could have been addressed at a younger age.


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