Your First Chiropractic Visit

Your First Visit to Moeckel Chiropractic

Just like a general practice doctor visit, you will first sign in with our friendly receptionist. Please bring any active insurance card(s) so that we may take a copy to file for insurance. You can download, print and fill out most of our forms from our Patient Forms page.

When filling out a new patient intake form; please be as thorough as possible so that we can learn more about your health conditions and any problems from the start. Detailed information helps both Dr. Keith Moeckel and Dr. Ryan Moeckel form an accurate assessment. Once you are all checked in with the proper forms submitted you will then have a visit with either Dr. Keith Moeckel or Dr. Ryan Moeckel. If the Doctor you are working with finds that chiropractic care is in your favor then you will be accepted as a patient and begin your suggested chiropractic care. If not, either of the Doctors will refer you to the most suited source of medical care.

Plan on spending about an hour of your day with the Doctor as we want to an exam and thoroughly review your medical history. An exam could potentially consist of an x-ray to see what is truly going on with your spinal joints. For a Chiropractor, a x-ray can help pinpoint any issues that could be missed by just words. A chiropractic x-ray can also help identify any future issues that could possibly be resolved sooner than later.

After you have completed your first visit you will check out with our receptions and complete any necessary billing for your care. At that time you can also schedule your future visits for chiropractic adjustments and maintenance. As always, if you have any questions before your first visit then just give us a call at (573) 547-6591, we are always here to help you!